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Are you concerned that the whole environment gets dirty after your child played in the sandbox, jumped in water pools, sludge or mud? We have a practical and fun solution to protect your car, stroller and your clothes - Baby Shoe Friends shoe covers.

With its bright colors and playful shapes our shoe covers encourages kids to play.

You can choose among different designs, all of them are available in three different sizes:

S: shoe size 17-20
M: shoe size 21-24
L: shoe size 25-28

Baby Shoe Friends shoe covers are made of waterproof material that breathes and dries quickly. When they get dirty you can wash them in the washing machine or simply wash off the dirt.

With shoe covers follows a handy little packaging which makes it easy to carry them with you everywhere. Even the bag is waterproof so that water and dirt stay inside when you put the dirty shoe covers in the bag.