About our

My name is Vladka Sturesson and I have designed
Baby Shoe Friends shoe covers. I am a proud mother of Felix (2,5 years) and Lea (6 months).

The idea was born during my maternity leave. Our son Felix loves to travel by car but there is one thing that he loves even more – to play in the playground, swing, dig in the sandbox and jump in the water pools regardless of the weather. Then he gets in his car seat with his muddy shoes on and kicks around making us parents less happy. We no longer wanted to roll an old towel around his dirty shoes or put a plastic bag on them. To take of his shoes is not effective either as the shoes continue dirty the car.

One evening after the kids had fallen asleep I sewed my first pair of shoe covers for Felix. Our dog Manfred was the model. It became a success directly. Felix did not want to take off his new shoe covers. The next evening I sewed a cat called Felix (Felix means cat in Latin). The third night chicken Lea saw the light of the world. Since then I have sewn many baby shoe covers that became popular among mothers both in Sweden and abroad.

In Sweden we live in a climate with long autumn-winter-spring period and even during summer comes rain often. Baby Shoe Friends can be used throughout the year. And thanks to the handy plastic bag you can easily have them in your car or carry them in your bag. It is a product that simplifies everyday life for us parents.

I wish you and your children many happy autumn and winter playtimes!

Would you like to write to me please do so at mamma@babyshoefriends.se